Moon Media Advertising Agency

About us

Moon Media is a media consultancy firm that provides services in media production, event & campaign management, marketing & PR, communication & media consultancy and social media management.  We use our extensive experience and regional knowledge to build, improve and inform our clients about the different strategies they can approach to expand and develop their media presence. Our work ethic is strongly defined by our rigor and attention to details and we believe it to be the linchpin of our organization.

Our vision and goals

Our extensive experience lends us the capability to provide you with a straightforward, professional and organized approach to marketing and consultancy. Allowing you to take your business where you envision it to be.
Our vision and goals are defined by our commitment and appreciation for coherent, effective models.

We carry-out these models by:

  • Reflecting , brainstorming and informing you on how to create and carry your exclusive identity.
  • Raising your standards and formulating a strong sense of connection to your audience.
  • Effectively communicating your values and purpose.
  • Consulting towards the achievement of excellence and pushing the boundaries of your potential.
  • Identifying your barriers, challenges and obstacles and finding the best solutions for them.

The Moon Media Team

A diverse team of dynamic, passionate, creative and dedicated professionals. Fluent in Arabic, English, French, Spanish and several other languages. With over 15 years of exposure and knowledge in the field of media.